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New breathable layer polyester filter bag features

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 Air delivery chute used for supporting the transport of fly ash, coal-fired power plants with a good economic and environmental benefits. Filter bag is selected properly, will inevitably cause the poor ash conveying resistance, leakage of materials and maintenance and overhaul inconvenience, or even lead to shutdown, power failure, resulting in huge economic losses.

It is understood that some of the township enterprises and individual manufacturers of chemical fiber products, due to the material (such as non-polyester raw materials, raw materials do not meet the requirements), plus the process is not standardized, sometimes delaminated the air chute runtime filter bag, The air flow is uneven, unstable, the powder can not be on the filter bag uniformly smooth delivery, sometimes the phenomenon of leakage current, sealing, leakage of material, bagging, air chute normal operation.
Cement, ceramics, silicon carbide, gas-permeable layer, because the processing of the restricted size, stitching molding, difficult to install the seal, less maintenance and overhaul. Tianjin Sheng Quan filter bag surface should be flat, smooth, uniform thickness, reduce the gaps interface, good sealing performance, geometry of the error should not appear.
Its permeability to be uniform and stable, low resistance, energy-saving, easy to install, easy maintenance and overhaul. Should not run delamination gooseneck, no bagging, does not leak powder, do not pollute the environment. Filter bag of tensile, compressive strength should not retractable, deformation, wear-resistant, high temperature, corrosion-resistant polyester filter bag of high quality chemical fiber raw materials, fine woven according to process requirements, clear lines of latitude and longitude, surface roughness, thickness uniform, air permeability, resistance, power consumption province. According to user requirements, Tianjin Shengquan Sheng production of filter bag can be processed into different length and width, and the geometric dimensions and correct, without stitching, good sealing performance, does not leak when using powder. Low unit cost, light weight, compression, bending, bending performance.

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