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What factors easily lead to damage Plates

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 Plate and frame filter press is what we are all devices sludge treatment capacity of the strongest , but because of the difficulty of handling the sludge , so the frame plate and frame filter press easily damaged.
If you work in a filter press sludge process too thick or dry block left , it will cause clogging of the feed opening , this time there is no medium between the plates left hydraulic system itself, the pressure plate itself due to long time time pressure can easily cause damage.

In addition , if the feed is insufficient or inappropriate for a compound containing solid particles , the same force will cause the frame itself so much damage .
If the outlet is blocked or activated solids feeding closed valve or a valve, pressure nowhere leakage can also cause damage to the filter plate .
Plates clean without a net , sometimes causing media leakage , once leaked , frame edges will be a little washed out a ditch , the media pressure can not cause a large increase in leakage , can not form a cake .
Therefore, in order to avoid damage to the filter plate , we use frame filter sludge production , be sure to regularly clean up the sludge regularly to reduce the pressure plate !

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